Auto Crashes are the Leading Cause of Death for Our Young Adults

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March 19, 2016
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July 17, 2016

Among the saddest duties any personal injury lawyer can perform is representing the family of a teen or young adult killed in an auto collision. All the love and hope that go into raising a child is dashed because of someone’s momentary carelessness.


In dollars, injuries to 15-25 year olds cost the economy $26 billion annually. The younger the driver, the greater the danger. Teen drivers are 2 times more likely to be killed in a car crash than the next older group based on miles driven per year.


Here are some important risk factors that parents, friends, and society has a whole can address to reduce the tragedy:


– Male drivers are most at risk.

– The newer the license, the higher the risk.

– Teen drivers with teen passengers are at highest risk.

– Teens are slower to recognize danger developing.

– Teens tend to speed.

– Teens who have access to alcohol are at huge risk.

– Teens don’t use seatbelts as often as most drivers.

– Teens are more likely to “show off” or try dangerous or outrageous driving          maneuvers.


Divers in every age group have their “issues” that contribute to crashes.  Lets all work to drive a car like we would fly a plane.  Every Moment is critical and attention cannot waiver.


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