Auto Seat Belts, Saving Lives Since 1968 Part IV

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September 22, 2016
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November 11, 2016

People actually use the following excuses for not using seatbelts and putting themselves and fellow passengers in grave harm:


1.)        “I want to be thrown clear of the crash.”


Truth: The death rate is highest for those ejected in crashes – 80%. In my experience as a personal injury lawyer, I have never seen an ejected passenger survive. They usually are partially ejected and their bodies cut in half as the car rolls over. Those left in one (bloody) piece usually have catastrophic head injures.


2.)        “I only need a seatbelt on the highway.”


Truth: Most accidents happen near home at moderate speeds. A head on or T-bone collision can easily be fatal at in-town speeds if no restraint is worn.  Striking a fixed object like a tree or wall can kill instantly without a  restraint.


3.)        “I have airbags; I don’t need a seatbelt too.”

Truth:  Airbags and seatbelts are designed to work together. Without a  belt, your face could be up against an airbag when it expands at 200 MPH, causing additional injury.


4.)        “I don’t want to get stuck and drown.”


Truth: This almost never happens.  Even if your car is submerged, the belt  may well keep you from being knocked unconscious by the impact and  enable you to help yourself or others.


5.)        “I am strong, I can brace myself.”


Truth: You aren’t. A crash at 30 mph can throw your body forward with a mass of 12 tons,  bench press that!


Thanks to the August 16, 2016 issue of Consumer Reports for these facts and figures.

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