Don’t Feel Guilty About Seeking Justice

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March 6, 2018
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March 6, 2018

I hear it over and over from people injured by the fault of another: "I'm not the kind of person who makes claims or sues people." Why do people feel guilty about seeking fair compensation for a wrong done to them?

Our system of justice is set up to right wrongs—that is what it is for. Our Florida Constitution guarantees access to the courts to right wrongs. There is nothing unsavory or unpatriotic about seeking justice.

Abuse of the system by a few has fueled a massive and apparently successful disinformation campaign by insurance companies and large business interests to brainwash the public. Their goal is to prejudice potential jurors against the rights of injured people who come to court for fair compensation. You have heard the insurance commercials that use the word "fraud" ten times in 15 seconds. You have heard the mantra about greedy lawyers and runaway juries and activist judges. These interests publicize a small number of large verdicts or unusual cases to create "legal legends" about how "out of control" our legal system is. The information they spread is often out of context and never tells the complete story of even these few cases.

In reality, our system of civil justice works very well. It functions based on the hard work of honorable professionals who apply the law of our land as it has developed over the last 250 years. We should all be proud of our legal system along with the freedom and personal rights it provides. The justice system is there for you—to right wrongs and to ensure that a single individual is equal in the eyes of the law to even the most wealthy and powerful insurance company.

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