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August 11, 2015
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January 5, 2016

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the good work done by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving: MADD.  Given the rise in roadway tragedies caused by distracted driving, a new organization is trying to alter driver behavior to protect us and our families.  End Distracted Driving.org (www.EndDD.org). This organization is dedicated to educating the public (especially young people) to cut the toll of avoidable death and injury.  Casey Fredman, age 21, was killed 5 years ago by a distracted driver.  Her father, a personal injury lawyer like me, started a foundation.


We are on track to suffer more traffic deaths this year than any year since 2007 – $38,000 people dead.  This is the leading cause of death for 8-34 year olds.  It is hard to quantify distracted driving, but common causes are:


  1. Telephones and texting;
  2. Talking with passengers;
  3. Drowsy driving;
  4. Drunk or buzzed driving.


www.EndDD.org reaches out to schools with targeted appeals and training often provided by local volunteers after training by the foundation.  Please check out the website and see if you can help.  Lets raise awareness and make dangerous roads like U.S. 19, Ulmerton Road, and 4th Street in St. Petersburg safer for us all.

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