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September 8, 2016
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September 22, 2016

Call, write, text, or email your State Representatives to demand an update of Florida Law.

1.) Currently 48 States require car insurance to cover injuries to other drivers  – not Florida.  It is a disgrace that so many legal drivers in Florida can’t compensate people they hurt at all. Bring Florida into the 21st Century and enact mandatory bodily injury liability auto insurance.

2.) Rental car companies put thousands of cars on our roads driven by tourists who make mistakes on unfamiliar roads, yet they are not responsible for the harm the cars cause beyond $10,000.00. Support minimum auto insurance on rental cars of $100,000.00.

3.) Our Worker’s Compensation system designed to provide self executing benefits for people injured on the job has been gutted and abused over the years by insurance companies and the legislature to the point where in many cases the benefits are illusory.  People get hurt and insurance companies hire doctors who make a living denying claims so no benefits are paid.  Our Supreme Court has recently found the system illegal in part, because of how it cheats injured workers. Support worker’s compensation worker-focused reforms.

4.)  When your insurance company denies health care for you and you get sicker, who is at fault? Now, it is the doctor. Support repeal of insurance company immunity to shift responsibility to where it belongs – on the insurance company who caused injury, not the doctor.

5.)  You own your medical records, yet copy companies will charge you outrageous amounts for your copies, even digital copies. Support a State limit of copy cost to actual staff time and postage or $6.50 for digital records.

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