I Am Proud To B a Lawyer Because Of All The Real and Substantial Good That My Profession Performs For Our Society

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August 20, 2013
October 5, 2013

I am proud to have been licensed to serve the citizens of Florida for over 40 years.  I make no apologies for those poor souls who use this gift solely for personal financial gain.  Their client’s are not well served and they miss the deeper satisfaction that comes with using ones skills to help those who need help.  Unfortunately, most news and information that people receive about lawyers and the legal profession come from attorneys who chose in engage in mass advertizing, “perp walk” covered by the news media when an occasional lawyer is charged with a crime, or when the insurance industry or big business likes to demonize the legal profession and limit the rights of anyone who would disagree with them to have access to the courts.  We must never forget that big business, the advertizing and the contribution by influence the public, the politicians who advance their for profit business.  In contrast, what lobby does the average citizen have against these massive financial interests or the lawyers and the legal system?  Big business can buy governments and the legislatures and law makers, they can’t but judges.  Certain governors attempt to beat the judge selection process so only persons they approve of are appointed or elected. Our judicial branch of government and the lawyers that work in it are the only truly independent branch of government. No wonder corporate interests are constantly attempting to limit votes of individuals legislation they sponsor. An example of course is medical malpractice “tort reform” which further cripples the likes of injured patients every year.  When a financial interest group has money and influence to make itself  sustainably invulnerable in the courts, it makes the temptation to use that power hard to resist. As our financial system is unbalanced, powers between the three primary branches, needs to be a balance of our and influence within each branch.  But of course, lawyers, judges, and our legal system perfect and balances and disruptions may take time to realign themselves. I would ask the every citizen think about the following:


If you had an interest that needed to be addressed, where do you think you would be more likely to be fore hearing and redress?

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