Were you hurt by a defective airbag?

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January 19, 2015
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August 11, 2015

The explosion of auto airbags made by Takata have killed and maimed motorists around the world.  These airbags have been installed in cars made by most major manufactures, and malfunction by spraying hot metal fragments into occupants while inflating the airbag.  Personal injuries often include facial and upper body lacerations.


Recalls because of the defective airbags have reached 16 million cars so far and that number is expected to grow.


Do you have a claim? Two questions must be answered: 1) Did your personal injuries include lacerations, and, 2) Are there holes in the airbag made by flying fragments?


Airbag claim might also result from an airbag that deploys without an impact or failure to deploy in severe accidents. However, these cases involve difficult and expensive prove issues.


(This post contains information from a fine article in the Florida Bar Journal, December 2014, No. 581 by C. Richard Newsom, Esq.)

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