Whiplash 7: Serious Injury

Whiplash and Other Common Head and Neck Injuries
March 29, 2018
Auto Airbag
April 24, 2018

Over the next several weeks, we will post a total of 10 short articles about whiplash injuries from auto collisions, a poorly understood but all too common injury. Our firm handles many such cases and is committed to informing you so you can protect yourself and your family.

Aggravating Factors

The likelihood of long lasting or permanent whiplash injuries can be increased by a number of factors:

a.) Poor passenger position can enhance injury, such as if the occupant sits sideways in the seat or has their head turned sideways. Also, sitting too far from the headrest is dangerous.

b.)  A rear end impact creates damaging forces on the neck and injury is enhanced at lower impact speeds.

c.) Improperly adjusted head rests increase neck injury. This is true, especially if the head ramps up and over the head rest during a collision. Most headrests are adjusted too LOW or too FAR from the back of the head. 90% are not adjusted properly.

d.) Riding in an automobile that is smaller, lighter, or lower than the striking vehicle increases neck injury risk.

e.) Injury is often worse for smaller people, people with a weak or injured neck,  and people that have no time to prepare themselves for impact.

f.) Risk of neck injury is seriously enhanced by riding in vehicles with tow hitches or in “stiff” vehicles that do not “crush” to absorb energy, like trucks with steel bumpers.

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