Who Needs Uninsured Motorist Insurance? You Do!

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September 9, 2016
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October 29, 2016

Do you know who needs Uninsured Motorist Insurance? Do you need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?  As a personal injury lawyer for many years here in Pinellas County, Florida, the saddest advice I give an injured person is that they should have had Uninsured Motorist coverage on the their car.  As many as half of the drivers in Florida do not have Bodily Injury Liability Insurance.  That is the coverage that pays innocent victims of a driver’s negligence.


If injured accident victims do not have Uninsured Motorist Insurance on their own car to protect them, they may well have no insurance money available to compensate them for injures suffered in car crashes.


Many drivers say “I have full coverage”, but they have no knowledge of whether they have Uninsured Motorist Insurance.  It is probably the most important coverage you can buy.  Please call your insurance company or agent and ask if you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage, and if so, how much.  If you are not happy with the answer, purchase some of this protection right away.


The Florida Statute that governs Uninsured Motorist Coverage is very long and complex. If you want a knowledgeable attorney to discuss it with you, please give us a call at (727) 530-4600.

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