Who Stands Up For Individuals In The Florida Legislature?

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November 23, 2016
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MONEY TALKS especially in politics.  Every year the business representatives, trade organizations, lobbyists, and insurance companies whose money puts legislators in office, show up in Tallahassee to get their money’s worth.  They want new laws passed that help business not people.


Who shows up to argue for the benefit of individual people against this tide of ideas to help business make money?  The Governor or any of his agencies?  – No. The Chamber of Commerce? – Definitely no.


Some small social justice organizations show up on single issues but they are poorly organized.  The major speaker for you and me is the Florida Justice Association, a voluntary organization of lawyers, who work to protect their clients and all individuals in Florida.


As a Personal Injury Lawyer I am proud to be a member and I support its efforts.  This year the Florida Justice Association helped to defeat a law that would have removed the duty of liability insurance companies to put their insured’s interests above their own in settling injury cases.  The Florida Justice Association also helped defeat a creditor law that that would increase harassment of Florida citizens and many more.


Often my injury clients ask me why their rights to fair compensation for injuries caused by the fault of others are so limited by Florida Law.  I say the pressure of business lobbyists and their money can sometimes overwhelm even the best defense.  This struggle continues.


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